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Counterattack (4)

Leon opened his mouth only when he couldn’t hear the breathing of anyone nearby with the sharp hearing of a Sword Master.

“The Crown Prince killed Gehrig.”

“…… hoo.

I’m glad you didn’t get your hands dirty.”

Originally, Leon planned to kill both the Crown Prince and Gehrig.

But the Crown Prince has already killed Gehrig.

“He was already dirty by the time the Crown Prince was killed.”

“Still, isn’t Gehrig who beat Aris worse than the prince who wants Aris to be his mistress”

“It is.”

When Leonhard affirmed Evanstein’s words, Aris immediately denied it.

“No, the Crown Prince is worse.

Gehrig tried to beat me and sell me.

Like the Crown Prince, he tried to kidnap me several times before locking me up out of sight and trying to assault me whenever he wanted to.”

Aris’ shocking story made the brothers ask in a hurry.

Evan asked what was that about ‘tried to kidnap her several times’, and when he heard that the mysterious man who broke into her room in the mansion was the Crown Prince’s doing, there was a sound of the brothers grinding their teeth.

“Leonhard Verdick.

Did you save that bastard”

“Yes, it’s too bad to kill him easily.”


Good job.

Aris, I’m sorry I haven’t seen you in a long time, but can you please wait for me”

“Sister, I’ll go out for a moment.

Just lie down and rest.”

The brothers planned to play with the Crown Prince until he begged them to kill him.

They were happy enough to be thinking about what to do to kill the Crown Prince.

However, their plans failed.

“…… Are you going to leave me alone”

“But you can’t come with us.

Because it is not very pleasant to see.”

“Just take a nap.

I’ll be by your side when you wake up.”

“Don’t go.


As Aris held each of the brothers’ wrists and spoke softly, the brothers had no choice but to listen to her.

Yes, they had sent the Crown Prince bastard to someone who won’t kill him easily, so he’ll be fine by tomorrow as well.

“I must be the only one who missed Brother and Leon.”

“You missed us”


Very much.”



I miss you very, very much, my beloved Verdick.”

Beloved Verdick, that’s me

The brothers fell into sweet fantasies about each other after saying that she loved them.

But it was the two brothers that Aris was holding.

It was a pity that they couldn’t monopolize Aris by themselves, but they thought there was nothing they could do about it.

Without Leon, he wouldn’t have killed the Prince, and without Evan, he wouldn’t be able to fix everything.

“…… If I tell you this, will you not hold me”

“It can’t be.”

Evan grabbed Aris’s hand and was about to enter the mansion, when Leon tapped her hand.

Then, holding Aris in his arms, he strode up the stairs two or three steps at a time.

Even though Leon was holding Aris, the speed was not much different from that of Evan, who walked alone.

The place the two of them walked towards was Aris’ room.

The two, who missed her when Aris was absent, decided that her room would be the first place to be with her.

It’s a pity that Evan, who had common sense, was with Leon, who almost wanted to take off her clothes right outside while he was holding Aris.

They luckily arrived in the room, and as soon as the door closed, Leon took off the dress with an urgent touch.

Leon, annoyed to even unravel the knots holding the dress, ripped the dress off, laid her straight on the bed.

“What’s this”

But as soon as he took off the dress, what caught their eye was a dark blue bruise.

It wasn’t just one or two.

When she put on the dress, it was not visible at all, but it was very vicious as it was only hit on places where clothes were covering it.

“…… Gehrig.”

Evan knew that Aris had been beaten by Gehrig through the employees sent to Aris’ mansion.

That’s why he gave the Holy Empire a lot of money to send priests to Gehrig.

To cure her, and not to hit her again.

He doesn’t know how much money he spent on getting the priests who don’t move easily to give a decent acting, and to tell the story of Gehrig beating Aris to the Crown Prince.

He forced himself to endure from wanting to kill Gehrig for putting his hand on Aris.

But when he actually looked at it with his own eyes, it felt like blood was rising upside down.

Leon’s condition was even worse.

Because he had never heard from Evan that she had been beaten.

He just wants her to be well, all he wants is for her to think about him at least once before she’s gone.

Evan didn’t tell him because he thought that if Leon knew, he might be going to kill Gehrig right away.

But now that he finds out that Aris has been beaten, his anger at Gehrig has skyrocketed.

“I shouldn’t have let the Crown Prince kill him.”

“If I had gone a little faster, I could have killed that bastard myself.”

“It’s already in the past.

It’s okay.”

Even if Aris said it was okay, it didn’t relieve their anger.

Even if they dared to touch Aris, they had to be careful.

But that bastard is reckless with his hands.

“Where is the body I think taking the head off the corpse will cool me down a bit.”

“I’ll contact the people there.”

Aris was very angry when Gehrig hit her, but she laughed because she now has Evan and Leon who are much more angry than her.

They were always on her side, so she would of course be happy.


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