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New Facts (4)

When they handed her another sheet, the names she didn’t even think of were listed together.

Confirmation of kinship between Aristasia Verdick and Gehrig: Positive

“Before, I didn’t know I had a daughter, but now that I know, I want to live with her.”

“…… Legally, I cannot deny your will.”

“Thank you, Duke.

But it was a place where I lived alone…… Wouldn’t it be inconvenient if Aristasia came”

“I’ll get you a place to live right away.”

Aris’s mind flashed at the words of preparing her a place to live.

Now, according to the words of her older brother, he was saying that she had to leave Verdick.

“Brother, do you want to find me a place to live”

“…… I don’t know if Gehrig sent you for adoption, or if he agreed to send you, but if he didn’t, under the laws of the Empire, if Gehrig wants you to go, I have to let you go.”

“But, but!”

It turned out she wasn’t Evan’s real younger sister, so she couldn’t even say how can her older brother abandon her.

She tried to deny that this wasn’t true, but it didn’t change anything.

Looking at Leon and Evan with their mouths shut, she could only feel that this was a reality.

“Aris, don’t worry too much.”


Can’t I not go”

“It has already been reported to the newspaper that you are not our kin.

And the author will claim you are detained in Verdic and ask for your return.”


“Sister, don’t worry too much.

It won’t change my mind, you know”


When Aris didn’t know what to do, Evan took her into his arms, patted her on the back, and whispered in her ear.

“Dear Aris, don’t worry.”

At his words, Aris dug into his arms as if she was hanging on him.

“…… Brother.

I love you too, I’m not saying this because I’m in this situation right now…….”

“Yes, I know, Aris.

It will be fine.”


“When have I ever lied”

“…… yes.”

Aris fell out of his arms.

Suddenly leaving Verdick because she was not their real sister.

She had no idea what was to come, because she had been Aristasia Verdick from the beginning of her memory.

“Don’t worry too much, Aris.

Duke Verdick will take great care of you.”


Of course Evan will care, but she never said yes.

But why does Gehrig talk like it’s so obvious

Aris already had a bad feeling, but she didn’t have a choice.

Only the fear of having to follow the unfamiliar man was ahead of her.

It was not easy to take steps, but an uninvited guest came to the parlor, who was always proudly showing his face as an uninvited guest.

“How did this happen!”

“Crown Prince.”

“Tell me, Aristasia Verdick.”

“…… I don’t even know what the situation is now.”

“How could you not know!”

When the Crown Prince yelled at Aris, Evan and Leon stopped him.

She felt the Crown Prince falter when he saw Leon, who could pose a physical threat directly to him.

“If I had known, I wouldn’t have gone to the paternity test like that.”

“…… I suppose.”

“And I was just about to leave the mansion.”

“Leave Why Where are you going To me”

Even if she was going to leave Verdick and become Gehrig’s daughter, she would never go to the Crown Prince.

But she couldn’t understand why the Crown Prince was asking that with an unknown source of confidence.

“…… Coincidentally, I am no longer Aristasia Verdick.”

“Aristasia Demopore”


Isn’t that the name of the Imperial Family It sounded crazy to accept commoners as members of the Imperial Family.

“Your Majesty, I can’t bear to listen to you anymore.”

As the Crown Prince kept talking as if she was coming to him, Leon, who could not bear it anymore, glared at him with a menacing gaze.

Then he came to his senses and quietly waited for her answer.

“Now I am leaving Verdick.”

“Why! You can’t do that!”

“Because I asked Aristasia to live with me, Your Majesty.”

“Who are you, are you interrupting my conversation”


“Did you dare intervene in a conversation with the Imperial Family, do you think you have many lives”

“Forgive me, Your Highness!”

“In that case, it would be right to beg for forgiveness.”

Seeing Verdick’s three children chatting with the Crown Prince, Gehrig, who was about to intervene, shrank.

Because Aristasia was talking about marriage with the Crown Prince, now Gehrig has the authority to allow her to marry.

That’s why Gehrig, who was trying to get his face stamped on the Crown Prince, was flustered.

“Spa, spare, spare me, Your Highness…….”

“Who are you, do I have to spare you For the crime of disrespecting the Imperial Family, there would be nothing to say even if you were beheaded.”

It was nothing compared to what Verdick had done to him, but since the opponent was neither Verdick nor a high-ranking noble the Crown Prince knew by face, his shoulders were high and stiff.

An Imperial Family is in another world in the eyes of commoners, and becomes infinitely strong in front of the weak.

It was due to that belief that he was himself.

“I, I am Aristasia’s father.”

“…… you”


I am.”



“Then why does Lady Aristasia have to come out of Verdick and follow you”

“Well, according to the Imperial Law…… If I want Lady Aristasia to live with me, they have to let her go…….”

Seeing Gehrig speaking without even being able to finish the sentence properly, the Crown Prince’s stomach became cramped.

He was a gigolo, and a person who didn’t even know how to speak properly.

He only had a good face.

He thought that Aris’ beautiful appearance was a characteristic of Verdick, but that was not the case.

“Even so, Duke Verdick couldn’t let Lady Aristasia go so easily.”

“If I don’t send her, the person will tell the newspaper that Verdick is detaining Aris, and the other nobles will slander Aris and me.

It doesn’t matter if I get it, but I can’t leave Aris like that.”

The Crown Prince, who was struggling to determine the authenticity of Evan’s words, nodded his head.

The story of the noble Lady Verdick, who fell overnight as the daughter of a lowly, humble gigolo, who is not even a nobleman, will probably remain in the mouths of the elite for quite some time.


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