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New Facts (1)

Aris, who returned from the Imperial Palace late the night before, opened her eyes at the late hour.

There were a few newspapers on the table, but she expected what was going to be written and didn’t want to see it.

‘It must be an article about the imminent marriage of the Crown Prince and I.’

Being the Crown Prince’s wife, his wife.

She will be the Crown Prince’s wife.

After becoming the Crown Prince’s wife.

She had no intention of becoming a member of the Imperial Family.

When she was young, she vaguely dreamed that she wanted to be a member of the Imperial Family, but when she grew up a little, she realized that Verdick had more power than the Imperial Family and other families.

Even if she married another family that shouldered enormous duties, it was far less than what she could get from Verdick.

Not only the wealth and power, but also the affection from her older brother and younger brother.

Even if she married anyone, it was unlikely that she would receive any greater affection than the affection they gave her.

So she wanted to live by the name of Verdick and take all their love until her older brother got married.

Aris was about to call the maid to clean up the newspaper, but faster than that, the Crown Prince knocked on the door.


No matter how much she woke up late, he still came to the mansion without a word and knocked on her door.

‘Ah, he said he would come to see if my feet were better than yesterday, so maybe that’s why he came without a word.

Or did he really bring medicine The medicines in this mansion must be much more diverse than those in the Imperial Family.’

She sighed as she still could not find manners in the Crown Prince even after rubbing her eyes, but she couldn’t refuse him, so she pulled a string to call the maid to make preparations.

Then the maid, who was waiting outside came right in, but the problem was that the Crown Prince came with her.

“What are you doing!”

“Then what are you doing!”

“No matter how much Your Highness is holding on to me, shouldn’t you show me the minimum courtesy”

“Courtesy Courtesy Did you just say courtesy now”

The Crown Prince threw the newspaper in his hand at Aris.

She couldn’t understand why he threw this at her, but she didn’t understand what that bastard was doing in the first place anyway.

“The same is on your table, so you know why I’m here.”

“Are you treating me like this because it has become a fact that I am now the Crown Prince’s wife”

“You’re talking like the Crown Prince’s wife.

Are the newspapers decorative”

The voice that was hostile to her for ignoring him yesterday was different from the voice she was hearing now.

When asked if the newspaper is a decoration, Aris’s gaze went to the newspaper, and her gloomy expression was colored with astonishment.

< Exclusive coverage of this magazine! >

[The reality of Lady Aristasia Verdick…!]

Verdick’s Treasure Aristasia Verdick.

When an article about the Lady came out, a person came to visit us directly, and he introduced himself as the Lady’s biological father… !

The true identity of the person who called himself the biological father is a gigolo! Even her mother wasn’t the former Duchess Verdick either! At first this sounds like a silly story, but….

Person B, who was a close friend of the former Duchess Verdick, recalled, ‘By the way, while she was pregnant with Lady Verdick, the former Duchess Verdick’ stomach doesn’t seem full.’ And Gigolo A said, “The Lady’s biological mother is not the former Duchess Verdick, but Person C, a dead Baroness.”

In response to this, Person D, a famous socialite, asked, “Then what will happen to her engagement to the Crown Prince” We also inquired about this to the most important Duchy Verdick, but could not get an answer.

“What is this…… It’s absurd.”

“Is it true”

“Otherwise, Brother and Leon wouldn’t love me that much.

This means that we’re completely strangers.

Besides, there was a portrait of me when I was very young.”

“Yes, yes.

I checked the paperwork before coming here, so you’re family.

That damn Lentil.

If they want to sell newspapers, those bastards will sell their souls.”

They tried to sabotage the Crown Prince’s plans, so they would pay the price they deserved.

Rather, Aris, who saw the Duchy mentioned in the newspaper, was worried that the Crown Prince would try to intimidate Verdick.

“Hoo, first of all, the nobles will ask you to explain this.

If you are a part of the nobles, they will get angry and try to bite at you, and the imperial nobles and neutral nobles may turn their backs on you, so you can’t let that happen.”

“…… This is an issue that needs to be rectified, even for Verdick’s sake.”

Even if she leaves Verdick and marries the Crown Prince, she could not bear to deny it.

This would be an insult to the former duchess, who had already passed away.


Good to hear that.

Duke Verdick would need to come forward and say no.”

“Can you believe me if I say no”

“I can’t just catch and kill newspaper guys.”

“If you do that, it will backfire.”

The Crown Prince’s weakness was the president of the Lentil newspaper.

He wasn’t even holding the weaknesses of the people below him, so he couldn’t control them all.

Rather, if he was to kill them, it would have been more than enough for them to write an article back at him.

Following what the Crown Prince had previously asked them to document his engagement to Aris, they did not refuse, as it would bring great benefits to the newspapers.

If the Crown Prince had known before this article was going to go out, he might have been able to prevent it, but it was already after the article went out, so now it’s time to focus on fixing it instead.


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