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In the Middle of the night in Her Room (2)

Aris was sure Evan would come tonight.

The start of the incident last night may have been accidental, but if Evan, who was always rational, had regretted it, it would not have continued to the next action.


Yes, yesterday.’

The climax that came from her brother’s hands was truly the first she had ever experienced in her life.

It’s thrilling, and it feels like her body is floating.

Although she was uneasy about the unfamiliar sensation that she had felt for the first time, the sense of stability given by her brother’s tight body hugging her was clear to her eyes.

‘And the thing brother Evan held in my hand…….’

It was big.

It was really big.

When she touched her brother’s thing, Aris almost inadvertently raised her head and looked at it.

She tried to recall the rough shape with her hands, reliving the touch of last night.

She tried to estimate the length, remembering how much she moved her arm because it was so thick that it could not fit in one hand.

‘…… Hey, it won’t be that long.

No way.

I must have misunderstood.’

But it wasn’t just her wrist that was moving, her arm was moving too, so this length would be right…….

She’ll have to check it out today, if she sees him.

But shouldn’t they not be seeing each other!

Aris moved her arms again like yesterday and muttered, ‘no way’.

She knew what had happened last night was wrong and should not have happened.

Even if they did not mix their bodies, it should not have happened between siblings.

So she went to Madame Ash directly to find gigolo.

‘But there is no proper gigolo!’

Because of that, Aris had been depressed in the dining room.

She struggled fiercely about whether she would choose between spending the night with an ugly gigolo or spending the night with her handsome brother.

And she came to a conclusion.

‘I don’t want to spend money and spend the night with ugly gigolo!’

No matter how rich Verdick was, there was no money to give to an ugly gigolo.

The people she could meet without paying were nobles, and if she spent the night, she was sure to get married right away.

‘I think I can see why Leon only touches courtesans.’

So Aris really wanted to be with Evanstein Verdick, the best man she ever knew, if it will be known within the Duke’s residence.

She rationalized her own decision with shallow thoughts that they wouldn’t actually be mixing their bodies, so it’ll be fine.

It wasn’t that she didn’t actually think of using tools to satisfy her needs without asking her brother.

But Aris knew from the last two days of experience.

As soon as she buys the tools, she will be caught by her brother right away.

‘It’s better to ask Brother to come to my room than to let Brother find out.’

She was terrified to even imagine.

The embarrassment and shame will be her own if she is caught by Evan, so it was better for her to let him into her room and choose him to be her accomplice.

And there was no guarantee that the tools she had bought would be any better than her brother.

It could be embarrassing that her older brother found out about the tool she had bought, but the worst could happen because the tool couldn’t even cool her body properly.

It’s also possible that Aris didn’t even know how to use them.

Leon knows how to use the tools better than anyone else, but it still hurts her pride as an older sister to ask Leon for help.

Besides, she couldn’t be more embarrassed when her older brother and younger brother found out.

However, the body that had already known pleasure once could not say that last night’s event did not happen.

Before, when she often did it alone, she thought, ‘That’s enough.’

And she was the one who stopped herself after being somewhat satisfied, but her brother took her to a higher level of climax.

‘So really, just the fingers.

I won’t do it, until then.’

She decided so in her heart, and while making a promise, not only the fingers, but as he put his tongue in, the tongue was also good.

As she recalled the pleasure her brother’s fingers and tongue had given last night, her bottom felt wet again.

Aris murmured softly as she saw the liquid from her bottom running down her thighs, unable to wet her underwear anymore.

“…… I’m going crazy.”

As someone said, a thief who learned late doesn’t know it’s over at dawn (a proverb meaning when someone who had fun with something later than others and becomes more engrossed in it).

So, bravely, she went to Madame to find a gigolo, and when it failed, she called her brother directly to her room, knowing that she would be criticized if she was found out by others.

“Brother, when are you coming”

Aris rubbed her leg and looked at the door to see if her brother was coming.

But the door didn’t open.

“It seems like there is still time until my brother comes anyway, so should I try it with my own hands even if it’s not enough”

The worries didn’t last long.

Already Aris’ body was urging her, demanding pleasure.

Aris took off her underwear, which had already been soaked, as if possessed.

She felt a bit ashamed of it, but she never thought of wearing it again.


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