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Leaked Secret (4) – unedited


Although Leon was said to be a Sword Master, he was still a mischievous younger brother to Aris.

Tears welled up in Aris’s eyes, worried that Leon might be in danger.

Leon, who saw it, covered her face and gently wiped the flowing tears with his thumb.

“Don’t worry too much.”

Leon pressed his lips to her lips.

It was not the usual erotic kiss with passion, but a kiss filled with affection.

Leon’s expression of affection, which was different from her usual, made her heart flutter.


If he leaves, it will be difficult to meet him.

So while he was there, she’ll do her best.

As Aris opened her mouth slightly and sticking out her tongue, Leon entangled it as if waiting.

Still, from the moment they danced, he felt like he was going crazy because of her sexy smell.

However, when Aris gently stroked the growing cock between Leon’s legs, the cord of his reason suddenly broke.

He rolled her dress up to her waist, bending her face down on the railing of the terrace.

Then, he could see her love liquid glistening as it ran down her thigh.

When Leon was going to unbuckle and pull out his cock.

Knock, knock.

‘I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t hear anything.’

Leon pretended he didn’t hear and tried to ignore it, but someone knocked on the door again.

Knock, knock.

“The Emperor is looking for you.”


It was Evan.

It was just for Leon to have time to say that he was going to war.

While Aris felt regretful, she adjusted her appearance.

When Leon couldn’t take a step, she grabbed his collar and kissed him.

“Hurry and come back quickly.”

Leon, who had melted away at Aris kissing him first, nodded his head violently and opened the door and went out.

“…… It’s war, what nonsense.

I’ll have to ask Older Brother for help too.”

Having just heard her older brother’s voice, she thought that if she left now, she would be able to talk to her older brother.

Even so, the older brother was an aide to the Emperor, and since he was the Duke, she thought that he would be able to prevent Leon’s departure.

As Aris was about to open the door, another knock was heard outside.

‘Is Leon already here Or is it Older Brother’

When Aris opened the door and looked out, the Crown Prince was there.

“Lady Aristacia Verdick.

Could you give me some time”

Because she had even looked at the Crown Prince’s face, Aris had no choice but to open the door.

Then Crown Prince strode into the terrace.

Aris, who was about to leave the terrace, was bewildered, but he came in casually and put the lock on.

“What are you doing”

“…… The Duke and Knight Commander would be talking to His Majesty by now.”

Knowing that, was he trying to be alone with her on the terrace right now

Usually, the terrace was visited when a secret conversation was needed.

So, the fact that the Crown Prince, who now has a separate Crown Princess, is here with her was enough to be a topic of discussion.

Obviously, people will be talking outside about the Crown Prince coming here.

Of course, the fact that Aris came to the terrace with Leon only made some people wonder.

However, many people saw Leon’s bewildered face before entering or Aris’s cool face, and thought that the ‘secret act’ normally performed on the terrace would not happen.

“How about going and talking”

“I don’t mind, but I think Lady would be uncomfortable.”

There was nothing more uncomfortable than being alone on the terrace like this now.

Aris said it was okay, lifted the latch, opened the door, then had no choice but to stop.

The man’s words from behind her back scratched her anxiety, which she had been trying to ignore the whole time.

“The relationship between you and the Duke and the Knights Commander…… Is it okay if I talk about it in front of other people”

“…… We are close.”

Aris tried to calm down so that her voice did not tremble.

It was fortunate enough the Crown Prince was not able to see her face.

If he had seen her face, he would have noticed straight away that she was embarrassed, through her trembling eyes and lips.

“I know that you guys are close.”

“Crown Prince and the Crown Princess were also said to be close.”

She had to go to Evan and Brother Leon in a hurry.

She had to somehow talk to them and find a way.

From the Crown Prince’s point of view, he could not have brought up an uncertain story.

“But I don’t share a bedroom with my sister.”


Aris’ eyes were colored with shock.

It wasn’t that she didn’t think that by any chance others might get to know.

However, it was after she was immersed in the pleasure that her older brother and her younger brother gave her, and her anxiety went far away and forgotten.

But in the end, the Crown Prince, but no one else, that had noticed it.

When Aris barely turned her back and looked at the Crown Prince, he only smiled softly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Unless I had any proof, I wouldn’t have touched the Verdicks.”

“…… Evidence, what”

“There is now a maid hidden somewhere in the capital.

And the maid’s family is locked up in a dungeon somewhere.

With my order, the family will disappear as the dew in the executioner’s office even at dawn tomorrow.”

That meant he had taken one of the maids out of the family.

So, even if Duke Verdick thoroughly cracked down on the maid’s mouth, he was able to open her mouth.

Even so, if the maid’s family and the maid’s own life were threatened at the same time, her mouth would open.

Realizing this, Aris’ lips trembled.

Seeing Aris with a pale face, the Crown Prince smiled.

“Don’t worry too much.

I will become a broad-minded Emperor.”

How can kidnapping, intimidation, and confinement be the values of a broad-minded Crown Prince of any country Rather than questioning it, she had to know what he wanted first.

If this fact is revealed, Verdick’s reputation will fall to the ground, and both the honorable Sword Master and the capable Duke called the next Chancellor will be accused of being immoral for sleeping with their sister.


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