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Her Secret That the Two People Found Out (13) – unedited

No matter how much Leon said it was okay, it couldn’t be okay.

Aris thought for a moment, then licked Leon’s finger, which looked like it would hurt, with her tongue.

Then Leon was startled by the action, and let out a pleasant laugh.


what’s the matter.”

Aris regretted her own actions.

Because his cock inflated inside her body even more.

“In Older brother’s room, biting my dick, sucking my finger.

I am excited.”

Even with an anal plug inside.

She wouldn’t do this unless she was going to drive him crazy.

Leon pulled out their interlocking hand and headed between her legs.

She threaded through silvery-gray pubic hair, with the coveted clitoris.

When he spread the thick flesh and gently pressed the clitoris between them, Aris was surprised.

She shook her head and tried to resist, but to no avail.

Leon slipped her clitoris between his two callused fingers, which had formed as he gripped the sword.

Then, alternately moving his two fingers to stimulate her clitoris, her walls trembled even more, and clamped down on his cock.

“Heuup! Uhp!”

“Haa, Sister.


Leon, while stimulating her clitoris, did not thrusted as vigorously as before.

However, his deft waist moved shallowly, allowing him to pierce his cock even deeper.

And every time his cock moved, the anal plug moved with it, making Aris even more crazy.

This can’t be happening.

There’s no way she would be so lewd.

As Leon said, in the older brother’s room without its master, which is not their own, being anxious that others might hear her , but soaking up the pleasures of her younger brother’s cock.

She couldn’t believe it.

Since when did she become so blinded by pleasure However, it was even more questionable that she had no intention of stopping at all.

‘The plug…….’

No, that’s unreasonable.

Aris, who had thought of her older brother’s cock, immediately shook off her thoughts.

Does that mean to put Leon’s on the back It was also impossible.

Whether it was her older brother’s or Leon’s, it was unreasonable to even say.

She thought so, but when Leon pressed the plug while thrusting his back, the strangely bursting pleasure was tantalizing.

It was very different from the intense pleasure that her older brother or younger brother gave her.

“Huup, uhpp! …… Uhp!”

Regardless of her thoughts, Aris, who had been steadily accumulating the pleasures caused by Leon, finally reached a climax with her body hardened.

Still, there was something missing.

If Leon’s finger hadn’t been in her mouth, he might have had his manhood removed from her pussy and put into her anal.

Because the plug doesn’t move by itself.

“Haa, haa…… Sister, Sister Aris, Aris.”

Leon drove his cock deep inside Aris and stabbed inside hard several times.

When Aris, who had already reached her climax, struggled with the pleasure, Leon’s thighs stiffened and he stopped his movements for a moment, then vomited his seeds.

The semen that she couldn’t contain flowed out of her, and went down Aris’s legs.


It was the most lewd thing I had ever seen, so he swallowed a curse word in front of his sister, unable to put it in his mouth.

However, he still did not feel any movement in his brother, the Duke’s office.

That means, Aris was his property for the time being.

Leon smiled broadly as he gently turned the plug from his sister’s anal and pulled it out.


Aris, who was still sensitively heated, trembled in a shallow climax just by that alone.

Leon looked at her, and then removed his hand that had been placed in his sister’s mouth.

“Haa, haa…….”

How sweet even that breath that his sister exhales wildly.

With that breath alone, Leon’s cock hardened again, revealing himself.

He turned Aris’s body and kissed her on the lips.

“Sister, there is still time for Brother to come.”

“Haa, Le, Leon.

When Brother come…… I think it will be too hard.”


“Can’t we take a little rest”

“Are you saying that even when you look at my condition now”

At Leon’s glance, Aris turned her gaze to his lower body, and his cock that had been inside her, was standing and had not changed much from before.


Leon pulled out a long string of round beads from the side table.

At the end of it hung a ring.

‘No way…… ’

And it did not deviate one inch from Aris’s expectations, and he inserted the smallest bead hanging from the tip inside her anal.


“The aphrodisiac that is still in Sister’s body is not even finished.”

Leon quickly shoved the second bead, followed by the third bead, inside.

The three beads bumped against each other inside, giving an unexpected, different feel than the plug.

But it didn’t end there.

Leon shoved his dick into her pussy, and the beads were pushed by the cock and scattered from side to side.

As Leon moved, the beads placed in the anal were also moving.

With the aphrodisiac effect remaining, pleasure was added and it seemed like she was going crazy.

“Ah-uhk! Uhh…… !”

It gives pleasure from uncertainty that the anal plug could not fill.

Again, Leon was different because he had been rolling with a lot of courtesans.

Aris, who felt she was about to reach her climax because of that extraordinary pleasure, trembled and grabbed Leon’s wrist.

However, Leon rather gathered the wrists that were holding him and grabbed them with one hand and pressed them above Aris’s head.

He tied her up so that the only freedom she had was to take his cock.

“Sister, Aris.”

As Leon started pounding his weight, a voice was about to burst out of Aris’s mouth.

But before that, Leon swallowed her lips and took her breath away.

If they could hear his sister’s voice, he thought he would want to hit his older brother’s aides in the neck, and then the duke’s residence would be disturbed.

He has no intention of assisting the Duke’s work, so he has no choice but to stop his sister’s voices despite regretting it.

“Sister, haa, Aris…….”

Every time he thrusted his cock, her body trembles helplessly, and her breasts as white as her skin crumble before her eyes.

And when Leon saw it, he moved it even harder, and Aris’s soft moans turned into a sobbing and dispersed because of Leon who was covering her lips.

Even though she was given an unbearable amount of pleasure, Aris unknowingly wrapped her swaying legs around his waist.

As his cock escaped, she unconsciously caught it tighter, making him unable to get out, driving Leon even more mad.

“I don’t want to give it to anyone.

No one.”


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