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Her Day That Shouldn’t Be Caught (14) – unedited

“Your, Your Excellency!”

It must have been a long time before the opera was over, but the coachman was surprised by the Duke’s sudden appearance.

He quickly opened the door and helped Evan and Aris get into the wagon.

“To the mansion.

Aris isn’t in good shape, so don’t overdo it on the way.”


As soon as Evan closed the carriage door, he ate Aris’s lips in a hurry.

He sucked her lips several times, and like a thirsty man, he stole the saliva from her mouth.

“Aris, Aris.”


Evan hurriedly untied the laces tied to her dress.

Then he pulled her dress, revealing her breasts and putting them in his hands.

“Haa, Aris.


Evan immediately made Aris lie down as if he had no intention of caressing her leisurely.

He rolled the dress up to her waist, and when he took off her underwear, it was already soaked in love fluid.

Evan, who saw it, immediately poked a finger inside her.

It wasn’t one, but two, but Aris’s entrance accepted him very gently.


As his fingers rubbed against the vaginal wall, the interior tightened his fingers.

Evan, who had run out of patience with just a brief caress, untied his belt, pulled out his own cock, and shoved it roughly into her vagina.

Evan who had been excited from the moment he saw Aris masturbating, and his patience was eroded by her docility, and now his patience smashed the bottom as he watched her swallow the semen she had vomited.

It was in stark contrast that he had been waiting for years, wanting to get Aris, who he knew was a non-blood related sister.

Once she was in his arms, he couldn’t keep the distance anymore.

“Haa, Aris.

I wanted to be a good older brother.”

“Ah, ahk!”

Aris couldn’t even lie down properly, and he grabbed both of her wrists as he moved his waist.

All she was allowed to do was spit out her voice, and she had to hold her breath for fear that even that would leak out of the carriage and be heard outside.

“Bro, brother, don’t, ahk!”

“What’s wrong”

“Ring, I didn’t bring the ring.

So, please…….”

If he had ejaculated inside her as he was swept away, Aris could have been his completely.

Evan couldn’t have not known that she didn’t have the ring.

It didn’t matter if Aris was pregnant now, it wasn’t in his plans, but if she could be entirely his.

He couldn’t regret that she wasn’t completely his now.

He wanted to crown her as Duchess, and allowed her to enjoy everything he had, he wanted to make her the Aris who only looked at him.

But he couldn’t pretend he didn’t know.

When Evan was with Aris, he always carried the ring, so he took the ring from his pocket and put it on her finger.

“My Aris, now accept your brother.”

“Ahhk, uhng, good, uuhk…… !”

“Today, don’t think I will let you go, Aris.

Because you are mine.”

Aris merely nodded her head in pleasure.

Evan pulled her wrists he had held as he smiled contentedly, lifted her body up and sat her on his lap.

He came in much deeper than when she received him from behind, and even at moments when it was hard to breathe, she seemed to go crazy with his thick cock poking from underneath her every time he moved his waist.

Besides, when Evan lifted and released her waist with his hands, the cock that seemed to scrape all the way through the folds of her inner wall, the love fluid poured non-stop.

Luckily, Evan’s waist moves even at a certain tempo, but in a sudden situation where the carriage shakes or gets caught in a stone, she had to shudder at the unexpected pleasure.

“Haang! Do, don’t be ridiculous! Ahhkk!”

“Aris, won’t you admit it now It’s nice to have someone seeing like that.”

Aris didn’t want to admit it.

It was the same last night when she was nearly caught by her older brother when she was doing with Leon and it was the same in the opera house where there were a lot of people.

Besides, she couldn’t believe how she felt so much even in the carriage on the main street with many passersby.

But Evan couldn’t ignore it because Aris’s reaction was so different from when she was in the bedroom.

“If you had said yes, I would have done it with you anywhere.”

“N, nooooo, haht!”

“No, but if I had known you would like it this much, I would have put it in the opera house.”

Aris shook her head quickly because her brother was the one who would do it for real.

She still had a hard time holding back her voice.

Fortunately, the carriage was running through the city and mixed in with a loud noise, so it was not noticed.

If it was an opera house, it would have been a difficult situation as she would have been found out already.

“If you don’t like it, why don’t we do it at Leonhard’s place later after Leonhard returns”

Evan, referring to Leon, increased his movement in excitement.

Moreover, in an instant, Aris’ walls tightened.

“Why Does that make you so excited”

Aris shook her head in anxiety, but Evan chuckled, even more excited.

Leon would probably have been coveting Aris for several years without even trying to hide his heart.

What if he showed Leon Aris in his own arms in front of Leon He couldn’t help but be excited.

“My Aristasia Verdick.

You will always be Verdick.”

With those words his cock ravaged her inside.

Until the carriage they were riding on reached the duke’s residence and stopped.

And it continued even after they got to the bedroom.

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