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Her Day That Shouldn’t Be Caught (10) – unedited

She couldn’t even think deeply.

All she thought was that she had to quench this thirst quickly.

So she stood with one arm on the table and her legs spread apart, just like she did with Leon last night.

And she rolled her fingers over her already bulging clitoris, squeezing her fingers.

Doing what Leon had done to her.


It was a little exhilarating, but it was far from the pleasure her older brother or younger brother had given her.

She wondered if it was because she didn’t insert it, so she bent her legs a little wider and tried to put her fingers in her body.

However, compared to Leon’s and Evan’s, her short fingers did not reach as deep as they did.

Even if she crossed her fingers as they did, the pleasure was far from satisfactory.

The love liquid flowing out of her vagina was soaking Aris’ fingers.

Her body was ready.

However, Aris’s fingers could not give the pleasure her body wanted.

“How did this happen…….”

No matter how much I tried, it just wasn’t enough.

She withdrew her hands countless times.

The thought that Leon would have licked all of these fingers straight away made her even more thirsty, but she was too shy to go to her older brother, whom she had decided to go out with, and ask him to mix their body right now.

Of course, her older brother would not deny her request, but she was ashamed to ask first.

She wanted to be a good and innocent little sister in front of her older brother.

In the end, Aris couldn’t keep her older brother waiting any longer, so she arranged her dress and pulled the rope.

With the help of the maid, she finished her preparations and went to the carriage, where Evan was already waiting in front.

She grabbed his hand and got into the carriage.

She should have thought that it was strange that her older brother, who would normally have tried to talk to her in one way or another, did not say anything in the carriage, but she did not find it strange at all as she was preoccupied with her unfulfilled desires.

So Aris got out of the carriage and walked through the park with Evan, and only after she had a delicious lunch did she realize that she had cooled down.

It was a relief.

It was the opera she was looking forward to, but she would almost came back after sitting here without concentrating on the content at all.

They spent the day on a date course, but neither Aris nor Evan paid attention to it.

The conversation was cut off because both of them were distracted elsewhere.

Aris came to the opera house and only returned to her senses after the others had spoken to her.

It was because they were women who were aiming for her older brother, so she couldn’t help but wake up.

“Oh my, I think Lady Aristasia came with Duke Verdick!”

“I know, I’m so envious of her!”

The flower-like girls looked at Aris with envy, and looked at the gigolo next to them with a miserable look.

When Aris saw them, she motioned her hand to Evan, he leaned his body towards her.

Then she put her hand to his ear and whispered softly.

“Brother, everyone is only looking at you.”

“Who says they are looking at me Everyone is looking at you.”

In fact, all of the men reflected in Evan’s eyes were looking at Aris.

Duke Verdick, who could not be matched in terms of appearance or power, was standing right next to her, so they couldn’t speak their words.

They were just waiting for an opportunity to come to her someday when he got married.

Without even knowing Evan’s heart that he had no intention of marrying Aris to anyone.

“What are you talking about Let’s go inside.”

Aris found it absurd and she smirked, but Evan was serious.

But as he took her hand and led her, she had no choice but to follow.

Her body temperature was so warm when he touched her hand.

The place they entered was a box seat available only to nobles who had both wealth and power.

Thanks to this, the general audience was full enough to feel the opera’s popularity, but the box seats, which were monopolized by a small number of nobles, were mostly empty with only a few people.

As they were about to enter the guided seats, an unwelcome voice caught them.

“Lady Verdick.”

“I see you, Crown Prince.”

It was the Crown Prince.

He was three years older than Evan.

He had previously ignored the Emperor’s words to marry, and on the day Aris made her debutante, he immediately put a proposal to Duchy Verdick.

Evan, who didn’t hide it, called Aris, and told her that a marriage proposal had come from the Crown Prince, as rumors would soon circulate about it anyway.

In her debutante, tired of seeing the Crown Prince staring at her with deep eyes from head to toe, pretending to be friendly and putting his arm around her shoulder, Aris said she would say no if she could say it right away.

‘Can I ask why you refused If I knew it, it would be helpful in finding your husband.’

Evan had no intention of doing so and asked her with the intention of not doing anything Aris didn’t like.

‘I don’t like how he looks.’

‘…… What does he look like’

In fact, the Crown Prince’s face was not lacking anyway.

The Emperor brought in the Empress, the concubines, and the mistresses that were all beautiful women.

As a result, members of the imperial family had a very low chance of being genetically ugly.

So, what did she mean

‘Rather than marrying the Crown Prince, I want to live my whole life looking at Older Brother’s face, can’t I’


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