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Her Day That Shouldn’t Be Caught (6) – unedited

“Hahk, Leon!”

Because Aris had only one foot on the ground, without realizing it, Aris hugged Leon tightly.

Then his movement became even more intense.

As it went on, Aris’s head became more and more engrossed in pleasure.

Finally, in her head, only the pleasure, the temperature of the cold window touching her back, Leon’s firm chest that was close to her, and his burningly hot body temperature remained.

The cold, hot, and contradictory feeling of wanting to run away but not wanting it to end took her.


There are so many things I want to do.”

The low voice gave her a pulsating sensation behind her where his fingers had been inside for a while ago.

As soon as she heard his voice, she thought that it would not be normal for her to heat up, imagining being ravaged by him.

How can she do that with her younger brother Even during the day, after sleeping with her older brother.

Maybe tomorrow she will mix her body with her older brother again.

‘Is this okay’

Then, what will happen if Older brother finds out

Aris immediately shook off the thoughts.

Such a thing should never have happened.

‘But if he ever finds out…… ’

I wondered what older brother’s reaction would be.

Will he look at her with contempt, or even kick her out of the house

If not…….

‘Before that, Leon had called two or three courtesans to spend a burning night, so maybe…….’

Aris immediately shook her head.

If it was Leon, it would not be a problem to satisfy two or three women.

However, it was difficult for her to handle Older brother, let alone Leon.

So she only had a strong desire not to be caught.

º º º

Fortunately, Leon released her early last night.

She wondered if it was because he had committed a crime.

Thanks to this, when Aris woke up earlier than usual, the maid from the morning worked on her skills and raised her hair beautifully.

However, unlike her beautifully raised hair, Aris’s head was chaos itself.

‘…… He must not find out about this now.’

Aris did not forget that no matter how good Evan was to her, he was ‘Duke Verdick’.

He remembered the scene where the elderly count came to the duke’s residence and knelt down and begged for his life.

She didn’t even want to imagine what it would be like if such an older brother found out, ‘she mingled with Leon while he was sleeping.’

‘After all, it is right to clear up one of the two.’

If she was to clear one person, even if he found out later, there was room for consideration to some extent.

At least, it would be much better than getting caught mingling with Older brother during the day and with Younger brother at night like now.

‘Then who…….’

If she had to end her relationship with one of the two, she was worried about who to do so.

Older Brother But older brother said he didn’t meet any other woman except her.

Then Leonhardt, who, if not her, can meet many courtesans But he doesn’t seem to be going to see courtesans now, and he’s been making teas that she likes so much…….

‘What if’

However, she couldn’t keep this situation going.

If the tail is long, it will be trampled on.

Aris was troubled and she decided to talk to older brother first, so she went to see him.

Evan welcomed Aris, who had come to him from early in the morning, before breakfast was yet ready.

“Aris, why is it so early Don’t sleep more”

“Do you think that I overslept every day”

“But won’t you be tired later.”

Seeing Older brother looking at her with worried eyes tickled her heart.

She knew that her older brother loved her for a long time, but recently, his affection has been dripping down.

Aris was worried because she couldn’t dislike her brother’s change.

‘Older brother isn’t going to change right’

Listening to stories after breaking up with the person that was one’s lover, after the quarrel, she heard that they became worse off than anyone else.

But when she thought that the older brother who cared for her like this might change, she felt like she was about to cry.

“…… It’s okay, if I get sleepy later, I can sleep then.”

“Because I don’t think I’ll let you sleep later.”

Evan’s thick hand took Aris’s hand and kissed it on the back of her hand.

And his blue eyes entangled her, making her shiver.

It was enough to imply that ‘don’t let her sleep’ had a sexual meaning.

Aris was worried that Older brother would change, but she still struggled with the thought that she needed to get out of this situation now.

“Older Brother.”


“…… That’s us.

How about keeping some distance from now…….”

“What do you mean”

Evan’s expression, who was looking at Aris with affectionate eyes that seemed to drip honey, turned cold.

He had never seen a face colder than this, and Aris was a bit embarrassed, but she did not give in and continued her speech.

“I’m worried that someone else might find out…….”




Maybe someone who is politically opposed to Older brother.”

“It’s not your business.”

“I might grab Older brother’s ankle.”

This was the truth.

It was a word of sincere concern.

Even an ordinary person will find it difficult to live a normal life in the eyes of other people when there is a story circulating that he was mixing his body with his sister.

Especially her brother wasn’t just an ordinary person, he was Duke Verdick.


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