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Her Day That Shouldn’t Be Caught (3) – unedited


Her ass wiggled as he moved and she swallowed his cock.

When Leon lifted her ass, his thing came out so that only the glans was caught, but when he relaxed his arm, it was shoved right down to the root.

At that time, the erogenous zone, which she did not know because it was in so deep, was stimulated, and Aris groaned helplessly.

“Ah, ahk! Uhk! Ahng! Leon, Leon!”

“Feel it more.”

“Ahk! Please, Leon!”

As Leon circled his waist, his cock swept through the inner wall, sweeping her sensitive areas.

As she was pressed inside to the depths and the inner walls stimulated without exception, Aris’s voice did not subside.

Leon’s repeated movements as if pushing Aris to the limit stopped abruptly.

She was about to climax soon, he just had to do it a little more.

Aris unknowingly begged Leon when before, he was thinking of rejecting Leon, when Leon kissed her.

“Leon, do, do more.


“Wait a minute, Sister.”




Aris, who looked at Leon with resentment, hardened her body at the sound that followed.

Knock, knock–

“Aris, are you awake”

It was Evan.

Aris’ thinking was stopped by her older’s brother’s sudden visit.

‘What, what should I do What if Older brother opens the door’

In a panic, Aris barely came to her senses and whispered in a very low voice.

Leon would be able to hear even a noise as small as a mosquito anyway, so she didn’t have to worry about him not hearing it.

“Put me down, Leon.”

Rather, Leon turned his body while holding Aris, who had her back against the wall.

Now, as soon as the door is opened, Aris’ naked body will come into their older brother’s eyes.

And there was no doubt that even Leonhardt’s cock embedded in her pussy would be visible at a glance.

And Leon lifted her ass high, as if delighted in the situation, and then he let go of her in an instant.

Then, his cock, which was about to be pulled out, was nailed down to the roots at once.

“…… !!!”

“You asked for more.”

“You, you idiot! That was before Older brother came, and I asked you to put me down after that!”

“Sister, are you sure you want me to put you down Aren’t you tighter than before”


She denied it, but apparently she knew that she felt much more sensitive than before Older brother knocked on the door.

As Leon moved his back to make fun of her, Aris, who had barely resisted the climax with that alone, whispered in his ear.

“Leon, please!”

Then Evan knocked on the door twice again.

Just in case she’s sleeping and he wakes her, so just lightly.

However, in Aris’ ears, it rang out loudly like thunder.

Seeing her crying, Leon put Aris down as if pitying her.

Aris, who had fallen down, swept her chest and was about to get up to go pick up her gown to put on.

But Leon blocked her front.

And Leon rubbed his own cock against her red plump lips.

“Le, Leon!”

“I don’t care if Older Brother knows.”

It was nothing but a threat to Aris, who did not want her Older Brother to see her now.

She didn’t think it would just end to the extent that Older brother would be disappointed in her if she was caught.

Even if she regretted saying that she would have rejected Leon too, it was already irreversible.

“Come on, ah.”


“If you don’t want to, would you like to bend down by the windowsill But I don’t think you’ll be able to be as quiet if Sister bent down.”

His argument was true to some extent.

After thinking briefly, Aris finally opened her mouth and covered Leon’s cock.

She had an instinctive reluctance to do something she had never done before, but she’d rather do this than get caught by her older brother.

But she thought it was better, so she just did it, and it wasn’t that she didn’t have any dissatisfaction with Leon, so she glared at him.

Leon, who met her eyes, sighed contentedly, and sweared so softly that her ears could not hear it.

“Don’t raise your teeth, try moving your tongue around the tip.


As Leon said, Aris licked his cock with her tongue, being careful not to bite it with her teeth.

Every time she licked the tip of the glans, cooper fluid leaked out, and Leon let out a wet breath each time.

“Haa, sister…….”

Impatient, Leon grabbed her tiny head and began to move his waist shallowly.

The glans reached her throat every time he moved her waist, as Aris’s mouth wasn’t enough to capture all of his cock.


“A little bit more, a little bit more.”

Leon, who always looked at her and smiled brightly, was desperate just by her lips covering his cock, struggling to put up with his climax and gradually increasing the speed.

Aris couldn’t make a sound and tapped Leon’s thigh, but he was happy with that.

Then he grabbed Aris’s hand, which was pounding on his thigh, and made her grab the pole of his cock that couldn’t fit in her mouth.

And as he gently grabbed her hand and moved it up and down, Aris noticed Leon’s intentions, and she moved her hand herself, scanning his pillar.

“Ugh, a little stronger.”

As Aris moved her hand once and licked her tongue once, Leon exhaled a hot breath, and the liquid flowed from between her legs.


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