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Her Day That Shouldn’t Be Caught (2) – unedited

Aris is excited that she will spend the day with her brother tomorrow, and although she hadn’t slept much, she was well prepared.

As she was about to fall asleep with a clean, light robe on, Leon also went to her room with freshly washed wet hair.


“You’re here now”

“I was going to come sooner, but strangely, if I try to come, the work increases.”

Leon was convinced that this was all Evan’s trick, but there was no evidence.

He could not, however, ask the Emperor to reveal Evanstein’s trick.

Even though he was the second son of the duke, after all, he was still a nobleman, not the imperial family.

He was sure Evan had all these things in mind.

It would be possible for the snake-like human who pretended to be a gentle sheep only in front of his older sister.

“I see, you must be tired, so go get some rest.”

“Yes, I had a really hard day today.”

Leon said with a sad expression and his shoulders were drooping, but Aris was not deceived.

Because she knew he was doing it on purpose.

It has weakened her heart a bit.

“If you are tired, you should rest.”

“Well, I need to rest.”

Contrary to his words, Leon wrapped his arms around Aris’s waist and put her in his arms.

He buried his face on the nape of Aris’s neck, and her sweet scent blended with the soft scent of perfume, and filled his nostrils.

And while kissing her, he steadily turned off the lamp with one hand.

“You said you were going to rest.”

“I am resting.”

“Is this a rest”

“Of course, by the way, sister, what are you going to play with today”


When Aris blinked her eyes and asked, he heard the sound of wind blowing through Leon’s teeth.

“You didn’t think yesterday was the end, did you”

Leon leisurely untied her ribbon, and her slip fell at her feet.

“It can’t be.”

Leon pushed her to the side as he kissed her Aris.

“Le, Leon.

just a second!”


Aris pushed Leon away, but he didn’t budge.

Aris couldn’t do this or that, as she was rained with his kisses, and she was forced to move as he led.

She was embarrassed when she saw that after the long-short kisses were over she was driven towards the wall rather than the bed.

She tried to hide it as calmly as possible.

But as Leon knelt in front of her and put the pair of white legs on his shoulder, she could no longer hide her embarrassment.

“Leon…… !”

Unlike Aris, Leon casually lifted up her skirt and untied the knot holding her underwear.

Then her hidden pubic hair was revealed, and Leon quickly buried his face in her secret place, sticking out his tongue to find the hidden clitoris, and rolling it with the tip of his tongue.

Aris had tried to say no, she would not have any further relationship with Leon because she clearly felt guilty about her older brother.

But Leon pushed her so that she wouldn’t have time to think.

“Aahhkk! Why, why not in bed…!”

“You can do it anywhere, even other than the bedroom.

But aren’t we in the bedroom yet”

Come to think of it, she remembered that Leon said it was a garden or a terrace last night.

If she ever had to do something like this there, someone might see her entangling her body with her younger brother.

Even though she knew it was the worst situation, she was trembling with excitement at the thought it might be so.

As Aris reacted, Leon grinned, pointed his tongue and poked her inside and deeper.

He has already done it in bed, so he wanted to teach his sister all sorts of pleasures.

His sister, who was trying to push him away, is now trembling with pleasure without even having to think, so in many ways things are going according to his plan.

“Huhk! Leon! Uhnng!”

Leon pulled out his cock as he saw her squirming her body wanting more pleasure.

Her love fluid was already flowing down her legs.

“You, you’ll do it here”

“It will be new.”

As Leon got his body up, he put one of her legs on his arm.

As he shoved his cock through her split legs, Aris trembled and clinged to him.

The entrance opened far more than she expected, and she accepted his thing with ease.

Every time Leon moved his back, her leg, which had been on the floor, slightly floated upward.

When that happened, she struggled with pleasure because of the cock that went much deeper than when she was lying down.

Moreover, even though she was still in the bedroom, her heart was pounding because the place where they were doing was not on the bed, and she felt pleasure more sensitively than yesterday.

“Sister, good”

Leon hit her shallowly and quickly, and Aris nodded her head.

It was the position she has never tried before in her life, and it was an unheard of position.

Also, unlike his sister, Leon knew a lot of different positions that even the many experiences he had accumulated before were not overshadowed, and Aris did not hate the new experiences he gave.

To be precise, the more she got to know it, the more addicted it became.

“Uh, uh! Huuhk, good.”

“I’ll make it better.”

When Leon lifted Aris’s other leg as well, she was startled and hugged him by the neck.

Aris’s shaking eyes showed anxiety, but Leon didn’t care at all and lifted her ass up and then put it down.


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