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Evan had bought it several times before, and each time Aris liked it so much that he was even more excited.

“You should have told me in advance! Let’s go!”

“But he is already gone.”

“…… lies.”

As Aris mumbled in disbelief, Evan gestured his chin towards the window.

When Aris ran to the window and looked out, the sun was already in the middle of the sky, and Lennon’s carriage was leaving, after adding up the prices of the items and writing them down on a check.

Aris, who had seen Lennon’s carriage before, clearly remembered it.

A carriage with the jeweler’s crest for the nobles who want to fill their bluffs by notifying others of their visit.

“No way! Why didn’t you wake me up! Can’t you tell them to come back now Brother is a Duke! Duke Verdick!”

The appearance of Aris hanging from Evan’s arm and swaying from side to side while grumbling was cute, reminding him of her childhood.

In addition,she was even elongating the ends of her words like in the past.

Of course, the content was very different from when she was young, when Leon bullied him and she asked Evan to hit him with a finger flick.

“Aris, calm down.

Do you want to see Lennon that much”

“It’s because Brother doesn’t know how trendy Lennon’s jewelry is these days!”

“When did I say I didn’t have Lennon’s jewels”


“It’s piled up in my office.”

“…… really”

“I’ll tell them to bring it here after we finish eating, so let’s go eat first.”

Evan took out the necklace from the box he was holding in his hand as if it was evidence, and hung it around Aris’s neck.

Aris, who had been touching the jewel of green light like her eyes that was hanging from her own neck for a long time, smiled brightly and she embraced him in her arms.

“Thank you, brother!”


“By the way, can’t we see first Otherwise, I’m afraid I won’t be able to eat properly!”

Evan smiled and told the servant who was waiting outside to bring in the jewelry.

When the first servant brought jewels, Aris’ eyes were twinkling with joy, but when the jewels kept coming in, she was stunned.

“Brother…… Where is the fun to choose It should be fun to choose when shopping.”

“I forgot that.

Then wouldn’t it be fun to choose what to wear.”

“No way! Thank you, brother!”

Aris opened the boxes, closed them, and checked the items.

The maid, who was waiting for her, gathered the items she had closed and moved them together.

It took a lot of time to glance at it because there were so many of them.

When she finally saw everything, Evan pulled a small box out of his pocket.

He opened the box, took out a ring lavishly adorned with a red jewel, and placed it on Aris’ thin finger.

“This…… Blood Red”

“You know well.”

“Because my friends have shown …….”

Aris completely forgot about the jewels that Evan gave her today.

There was only one Blood Red left in her mind.

Her head was taut.

She wondered why he was giving her a Blood Red.

Leon had said he’ll get a Blood Red, and she wondered if he had asked Evan for it.

Or does Evan want her to call gigolo, and to not worry and have a good time.

“I was going to give it to you last night…..”


“I didn’t know you were sleeping after sending the invitation.”

“I slept late”

“…… Leon said you were sleeping.”

“I told Leon to get out.”

Evan felt like he had been deceived by Leon, and he felt strange.

It was Leon, who always walked through all the traps he dug.

Even right now, he must have been attending an audience with the emperor.

“I was waiting.”

“What Brother For me, why”


Evan wanted to grab his heart right away.

Because this one was quite a blow.

“Didn’t Brother send Leon”

“…… What”

When Evan suddenly lowered his voice to the point of fainting, Aris flinched.

“I asked Brother to send me a handsome gigolo…….”


“Leon, who lives a more promiscuous life than any other gigolo, came to my room…… I thought Brother sent him.”

Evan was speechless.

What was the reason for him to send Leon If he had sent Leon, he would have sent him out of the house, not Aris’s room.

Who put a guard dog into the Mistress’ room in the middle of the night

Considering Aris’ safety, he placed the sword master Leon in the room next to her, but if Leon had not had a natural talent for swordsmanship, he would not have been able to even be on the same floor as her.


“So what’s the point I said to turn off the lights and go out after lying in bed.”

Evan had something on his mind.

If it were Leon, he wouldn’t have let it go.

These days, even if it’s less, he still remembers Leon looking at Aris with the same eyes as his.

However, considering the time Aris came to his own office and the time Leon came out when he went to Aris’s room, the time in that room would not have been very long.


Yes, Leon is Leon, he is not himself.

Whether or not Leon had touched his own thing, he will find out if he checks it out himself.

“By the way, Aris.”


Evan swung the ring on her finger from side to side as he smiled leisurely.

“Did nothing happen with Leon, who went instead of the handsome gigolo”

“He doesn’t even have a ring…….”

Evan laughed inwardly.

‘Stupid Leon.’

On the other side of Evan’s office drawer, the Blood Red had been sitting a few months before Aris’s debuttante.

That was already several years ago.

The ring doesn’t work if it doesn’t fit the finger perfectly, so it has been refitted over time whenever Aris’s finger dimensions change.

Even if her slender fingers had lost the change in size at some point, he had to change the design once a month or two to keep up with the latest trends and make a new one.

However, Leon was so stupid that he missed a chance by not preparing just one ring in advance.

“What about now”

Aris blinked her eyes wondering what Evan had said and looked at him.

“Now you have a brother whom you had called, and you have a ring on your finger.”


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