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It seems like his older brother was behind the scenes, but for now, it was an imperial order, so he couldn’t complain.

“…… Then, let’s go to the jeweler tomorrow together.”

“The jewelers don’t open when I want to see it.”

“I have called them, so there is no need to go to the jeweler.”

Even calling the jeweler in advance.

It was clear.

But even if he figured out Evan’s scheme, there was nothing Leon could do.

In front of Aris, who ate with a happy face, and Evan, who showed no emotion, Leon finished the meal with a stiff face.

Leon, who had brought Aris to her room, spat out a word in her ear.

“I’ll get you the ring.

Don’t sleep tomorrow night and wait.”

Aris looked at Leon with a casual expression, but her face was already burning red.

She only had a normal expression on her face, but she couldn’t do anything about the color of her face.

Seeing her face like that, Leon smiled broadly, and Aris said with a straight face.

“…… Don’t laugh.”


Leon responded with a stern expression on his face, but Aris was even more sensitive to that.


In the end, Aris hit Leon on the chest and went into her room.

It was such a soft hit that only tickled Leon and didn’t hurt at all.

“I don’t want to enter the palace…… but I can’t quit.”

Compared to his older brother who was aiming for Aris, the only thing he was good at was using a sword, so he couldn’t let it go.

And it was fun too.

Leon sighed and entered his room, blaming himself for not preparing the ring in advance.

Then he sat at the table, looked out the window, and heard Aris’ breathing through the wall.

He was afraid that his older brother would come after he left, so he couldn’t even go out comfortably.

Leon made sure that Aris was exhaling even breaths and she was in a deep sleep before he left the room.

He couldn’t quell his libido with just this much, so he went to hold courtesan.

“Oh, I wouldn’t have gone if I had done it inside my sister.”

I want to hug you, Aristasia Verdic.

My beautiful sister

* * *

The next day, the owner of the jeweler visited the mansion early.

The best products were all packed, and even catalogs of the items on the auction house had been brought along.

Among them, the ‘things that women in their 20s would like’ that the Duke ordered were carefully selected separately.

There was not a single rumor that Duke Verdick had an affair with a woman, and only rumors that he loved his sister so much, so they speculated that it was a gift for Lady Verdick, and the jewelry that suited her was separately categorized.

It’s possible that the rumors hadn’t spread yet, and he might have a girl he was in love with, so he brought all kinds of jewelry.

Now that he has prepared everything, all he has to do is sell it well.

His subordinates followed him with their hands full of necklaces, bracelets, rings, tiaras, brooches, and all the accessories that could be worn on the body.

Even if he sold just one of these, the jeweler’s maintenance fee was covered for a month, so he was nervous because he felt the pressure to sell well.

However, the place where the butler took the jeweler who had visited the mansion was not the lady’s parlor, but the duke’s office.

He had always been dealing with wives, so he was embarrassed because the jeweler knew how to talk to the Lady, not the duke, but he didn’t forget to say his greetings.

“Good morning, Sir Verdick.

I am Lennon.”

“Yes, You had a hard time coming here.

Leave it.”

“…… Yes”

“You had a hard time bringing it, so please leave it.”

Evan thought if he has to take care of every little thing like this.

The butler, who immediately recognized his intention, handed out a check and asked him to write down the combined price of all the products he brought.

“Give me a moment and I’ll all figure out how much.”

“I think the purchase is over, so please go out first.

Oh, which one goes best with silver gray Not a ring.”

“This is it!”

Lennon’s staff picked up one of the most expensive jewelry collections that seemed to suit Lady Aristasia, and quickly delivered it to Evan.

It couldn’t be conveyed as delivering it.

He got down on his knees, bowed his head, and raised his hand high, so it was more right to say to dedicate it.

Evan, who was handed the box from him, checked the items, nodded his head, left the room, and went straight to Aris.

As he knocked on her door, he heard Aris’s voice, who was still asleep.

“Can I come in”



“Well, wait!”

A commotion was heard from within, and after a while the maids came up.

While the maids entered, Evan asked again if he could enter, but the answer was adamantly no.

But Evan also enjoyed waiting for her.

There was no way that he would be bored with Aris dressing up in order to show him her pretty appearance.

After a while the door opened and the maids came out.

They told him that he was allowed to come in.

“Unlike my brother, I have to sleep in the morning.”

It was already an unreasonable time to call it morning, but Evan, who was aware of Aris’s late waking time, didn’t pay much attention to it.

“I’m sorry.

A jeweler looking for you came so I called you.

The name is Lennon.”

“Lennon! Lennon at the three-way intersection in front of the Imperial Palace!”

Aris couldn’t hide her excited voice.

If it’s the jeweler Lennon, isn’t it famous for handling the finest jewels

It was the dream of many Ladies to be proposed with a ring that was tailored there.


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