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Knock, knock.

A fast knock woke him up from his thoughts.

“Come in.”, he said, and someone pushed the door.

Then, he was startled to see a member kneeling down in the middle of the office.

“I don’t think you came here to turn your eyeballs around.”

The man quickly laid his gaze on the floor at the words thrown by Executive Director Kim, who had become uncomfortable.

“I found out the place where Director Sin had been staying.”

“Where is it The place where he’s been hiding like a rat”

Executive Director Kim asked, slanting his lips.

He thought it would be his home anyway, but he did a thorough investigation just in case.

“That… It’s a house in the redevelopment area.”

“The redevelopment area Fuck, is that his parents’ home That **ing beggar.”

Executive Director Kim sneered and crossed his legs.

“No, Sir.”

“Then why was he there”

Executive Director Kim nagged, not even giving the man a chance to continue.

“He was there with a woman.”

“… A woman”

Executive Director Kim straightened his waist.

His eyes sparkled at the word he had never thought of.

“Sin Woo-hyun, with a woman Ha, that’s ridiculous.”

Executive Director Kim laughed as if he was dumbfounded.

It wasn’t that he rejected Director Sin from the beginning.

By the time he started receiving the chairman’s trust, he also tried to bring him under him.

As part of that, he gave him an expensive car that he couldn’t even dare dream of, he put a woman next to him, and even pushed a naked woman into the bedroom he was sleeping in.

Each time, Woo-hyun escaped like a demon.

Maybe the car was too obvious of a gift, but when he saw him refusing even the beautiful woman he forced a laugh, asking if he was a eunuch.

He couldn’t believe that Sin Woo-hyun was with a woman.

Something smelled fishy.

“Did you find out who she was”

Unable to look at his shiny, beast-like eyes, the member of the organization turned obliquely and spoke.


She’s Kim Yi-woon’s older sister.”

There was a moment of silence.

“His older sister Ha.”

After a while, Executive Director Kim laughed as if it was ridiculous.

Kim Yi-woon’s older sister.

It was something he really didn’t think about.

“Did our Director Sin have that humane side”

He must have gone there to avenge his sister.

Since she was the sister of the one who killed his sister, he must have thought that it was an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

“I didn’t know he would do such a childish thing.”

That’s why it seemed like he had been quiet all this time.

No, in a way, he seemed to be a clever bastard, not childish.

He knew right away that Kim Yi-woon’s only weakness was his sister.

However, he didn’t need to know the details that far, so he stopped his interest there.

But Sin Woo-hyun was approaching his sister and enticing her, the only person Kim Yi-woon could come up to, and his weakness.

“I guess he was a former host bastard”

Executive Director Kim said sarcastically, laughing.

He couldn’t believe Sin Woo-hyun was doing what a host bastard would do.

It was really surprising.


That woman, what happened to her Did she die Or did she become disabled Did she become broke because he worked her up Though I wonder if she has anything to become broke, seeing that she lives there.”

“Well… It was nothing unusual.”

“Ahh, if that wasn’t it, did he just play around with her and throw her away It must have been so bad that he couldn’t endure it.”

“That doesn’t seem to be the case either.”

“… Then”

“There was nothing unusual.

Nothing about that woman changed.

Except for the fact that some of Director Sin’s men are stationed there and keeping watch.”

Executive Director Kim’s head tilted.

It was weirdly strange.

Even though Woo-hyun seemed so relaxed and carefree that it was difficult to know what he was thinking, he was well aware of how brutally he retaliated at critical moments.

Sometimes, even he would frown at how he did things.

He was a guy who would not turn a blind eye to it, even if it was a woman.

“Isn’t it that she just looks fine on the outside You bastard, didn’t you investigate poorly”

Executive Director Kim tapped on his cigarette.

“I also thought it was weird, so I looked into it.

But as I kept watch, I saw her going around searching for work, going to the market, and living her life safely.”

Silence flowed inside the office.

For an abandoned woman, she was keeping her daily life excessively intact.

In addition, he said that Woo-hyun had been staying there but was now staying at his own house.

Sin Woo-hyun went there with the desire of wanting revenge, but the woman was fine

What kind of variable was this

Something started to smell fishy.

Executive Director Kim’s eyes quietly moved like those of a snake that had found its prey.

“… That woman, where is she”

Executive Director Kim leaned forward and asked quietly, in case someone would hear.


Early in the morning, when the bluish light shone, Jun-kyung pressed the PIN and entered the office.

Instead of working from late at night until dawn, he set out rather early today.

Except for the room Woo-hyun used and the room he used separately, the office was located the closest to the entrance, which people selected by Woo-hyun took turns guarding.

There were usually about five people working shifts there.

He changed the combination each time to avoid them getting too close to each other.


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