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The chairman strictly forbade any action that would touch his family.

However, it was impossible to stop him if there was no evidence of him indirectly touching them.

However, instead of getting excited, Woo-hyun dug into the endless questions with frightening coldness.

If this was true, why did Executive Director Kim do this at his own risk

While he was away, Executive Director Kim may have bought time and devised something, or he may have reported it to the Chairman to discredit him.

Perhaps he hoped he would lose his reason in this matter and make a mistake, or perhaps it was an indirect threat to him, who was a nuisance.

Whatever the case, his assumption felt incredibly accurate.

Woo-hyun’s lips slanted.

However, his eyes became colder than ever.

Why didn’t he think of this simple thing No, he had no chance to think of it.

He had been so immersed in another place that he couldn’t think of that.

The old house and cautious Kim Yoo-hwa and the things Kim Yoo-hwa gave him.

As soon as he remembered Yoo-hwa, all his thoughts went into a lull.


Only after hearing Jun-kyung’s cautious call did Woo-hyun know that the car had arrived at the underground parking lot.

“Good work.”

Woo-hyun sent Jun-kyung and the driver back.

He was thinking of telling Jun-kyun after he was done organizing his thoughts.

He was going to organize the necessary reports and matters and tell him.

As he headed home with these thoughts, his steps stopped halfway through.

As soon as he saw his reflection in front of the elevator, he felt suffocated.

A necktie, a shirt, and a suit.

It was disgusting to conceal such things so plausibly.

Feeling frustrated, he didn’t want to go home like this.

Thinking that he should go for a drive, he turned his steps around and quickly headed to the underground parking lot.

A car, black like darkness, was parked in one slot of the parking lot.

As he turned on the engine after a long time, the car let out a low roar.

Woo-hyun drove the car out, thoughtlessly.

When he was at home, time did not pass no matter what he did, as if it was stagnant.

No matter how much he tried to work, his thoughts faded like dust.

When he stayed in such a long stillness and silence, Yoo-hwa suddenly appeared in his mind.

Each time, Woo-hyun looked at Yoo-hwa without doing anything.

Yoo-hwa looked at him in silence, with a dozen expressions.

Then, like a crazy person, he looked at Yoo-hwa for a long time.

He didn’t know why he was looking at her.

He didn’t know why she was not leaving.

He didn’t know… what he wanted to do with her.

Even if he closed his eyes while asking these unanswered questions, Yoo-hwa was also there.

It had been a few days since that night.

The darkness sank over the road where he was driving the car.

Entering the road, he turned the steering wheel and drove.

Then, his head became empty at the view he saw through the car window.

There was a familiar mart sign there.

It was the shabby mart next to the redevelopment area, which he didn’t expect to see again.

Woo-hyun, who had pulled over on the side lane, put his forehead on the steering wheel and clenched his teeth tightly.

He thought he would drive to the outskirts of Gyeonggi-do as usual, but he came to this place.

If he went further from there, he would reach a place that he could find even with his eyes closed.

Who was there and what he would do at this hour; he couldn’t open his eyes because he saw it clearly even with his eyes closed.

Raising his head to drive the car again, Woo-hyun stopped.

Someone was walking past the transparent car window, with their head down.

They were walking carefully with the grocery bag tightly in their arms, worried about bumping into someone.

The hair and plastic bag fluttered violently in the biting wind.

Then, the hood that had been tightly pressed down came off.

At that moment, Yoo-hwa’s face as she raised her head was clear.

Disheveled hair, eyes that had become bigger due to her losing weight, clear skin, and very dry lips.

He wondered why he could see even the smallest things in detail, even though they were far away from each other.

Yoo-hwa quickly looked around, as if she was startled that the hood had come off.

Yoo-hwa’s shoulders relaxed when she saw that there were no people around.

Yoo-hwa let out a sigh of relief and quickly pulled the hood back, covering her face, and walked slowly.

Seeing that, Woo-hyun frowned.

Yoo-hwa’s steps were somewhat different from before.

Although she still wore a hat, it was only meant to hide her face.

She didn’t avoid bumping into someone else.

In comparison to that, when they went to the mart together, Yoo-hwa always seemed to be frightened.

She always tried to stay away from him and said for each of them to do their own grocery shopping, as if she wanted to hide the fact that he was accompanying her.

In case anyone recognized her at the mart, she turned her head when their eyes met.

At first, he thought she was conscious that Yi-woon would be watching her from somewhere.

But now that he was quite far away, Yoo-hwa’s intention seemed to be a lie.


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