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Although it wasn’t possible, Granny’s empty gaze seemed to be asking that.

The corners of Yoo-hwa’s lips rose weakly.

“… He wasn’t the Woo-hyun I knew.”

There was no Woo-hyun she knew, to the point where she wondered if it was possible.

Even his facial expressions, posture, and behavior were unfamiliar.

As if the Sin Woo-hyun she had known in the meantime was a lie.

“And I was scared.

I might have a good memory, but I’m afraid it will become the worst if I behave in a pathetic way.

Though it’s going to be the worst anyway…”

The sister of the man who caused his younger sister to die.

Even if they didn’t share the same blood, even if their relationship wasn’t good, it wouldn’t mean much to Woo-hyun.

Because just the fact that Kim Yi-woon liked her made her a woman he didn’t want to deal with.

Yoo-hwa bit her lips and then let go.

Her dry lips burst, and blood dripped.

As the cold wind blew through the open wound, a sharp pain rushed in.

“That’s why I did so.”

She had finished speaking, but the grandma didn’t answer anything.

Yoo-hwa turned her gaze and looked back into the air.

The cold wind blew strongly.

The thin branches coming from the wall of a house with no owner shook here and there at the blowing wind.

They had no leaves to sprout, no fruit to bear, and even if they had, there was no one to watch; but they still moved diligently, saying that they were alive.

Yoo-hwa’s tearful eyes shook along the dry branches.

“… I’ll be fine soon, right This time too”

Since it wasn’t the first or second time she experienced a parting.

She will live as if she has forgotten, like always.

Yoo-hwa slowly closed her eyes.

The world turned dark.

She asked that, but she already knew the truth.

She couldn’t say she was fine after that kind of parting.


A teacup with a subtle sheen clattered against the saucer.

Wearing a white modernized hanbok, Tae-won was sitting cross-legged on a thick cushion.

“It’s nice to see Director Sin’s face like this.”

Tae-won, who had gray hair, smiled gently and gave him an affectionate greeting.

Though on the outside he reminded him of an upright nobleman, it looked only like a pretty wrapper to Woo-hyun, who knew the kind of things the man had done to protect his position.

The rougher someone rolled at the bottom, the cleaner they would present themselves when they sat at the top.

“I was worried about taking your precious time, but thank you for saying that.”

“No way.

I asked the Chairman to let me see Director Sin’s face.

The Chairman cherishes you so much that he didn’t even give me your contact information.

Huh People will think I’m pestering you.”

Tae-won smiled brightly and spoke with malicious intent.

Tae-won was the first person to elevate his private loan business from the shadows to a financial business in the sunny place.

Firmly established and operating, Tae-won was a greedy person.

Above all, he was known for sweet-talking people from everywhere into joining him, as he was greedy for people.

Everyone knew that Tae-won had his eyes on Woo-hyun these days.

Rumors spread that he would poke around and ask about Woo-hyun.

The chairman, who became uncomfortable because of this, was also preventing Tae-won from making direct contact with Woo-hyun.

However, since he was in a position where he received his help, not even the chairman could refuse Tae-won’s repeated requests.

In the end, Woo-hyun had to postpone everything in his busy schedule and come here.

“It’s too bad you came here after eating, it would be great to have a meal together.”

“I apologize.”

“Then, why don’t we have dinner I have someone to introduce you to.

I also have something to show you.”

“I would like to have dinner together, but my mother is receiving medical care, so I think I have to visit her.”

“Ah, is your mother sick”


“Which hospital”

“She is at Hyundae General Hospital.”

“Ah, I’ll give them a call.

To please take good care of her.”

Tae-won smiled brightly as if he had been waiting.

Woo-hyun said he was being too generous, but he did not listen.

It felt like he was feeding him sweets little by little, but he wasn’t happy.

No, everything was unwelcomed.

Though everything was back to its original place in just a few days, everything in his life felt distant like a scene in a drama.

To the point that the old and worn-out house, which he wouldn’t be surprised if it fell down, rather felt like his real home.

“Do you have someone in mind”

While they were talking about things related to business, Tae-won suddenly asked.

Those words got stuck in his heart.

Someone in mind.

He had the urge to ask what that was.

He thought his frustration would disappear a little if he knew that.

“I don’t.”

However, Woo-hyun answered without taking too long.

“Is that so You need to get yourself together and get married soon.

It’s a mistake not to get married just because you live at the bottom.

Marriage gives us something to protect, and that makes us work harder.

Well, if it’s Director Sin, I don’t think she will get randomly attacked.

There won’t be any bastards who lack judgement like that.”

“Thank you for your thoughtful words.”

“If I had a daughter, I would introduce her to you… Even my youngest daughter is married, hmph.

And I can’t make daughters anymore.”

Tae-won smiled and clicked his tongue as if he truly felt sorry.

“I am grateful for just your words.”

Woo-hyun continued to give formal answers.

Tae-won cleared his throat and stared at Woo-hyun.

He was doing his best to meet him, but he had a spiritless expression.


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