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The first time he saw Woo-hyun was when Woo-hyun came to his office in person, saying that he had come to repay the debt of his dead father.

He looked high-class when he was young because his limbs were exceptionally long, he was handsome, and tall compared to his age, but he could not erase the feeling that he had suffered a painful life.

He looked up and down at Woo-hyun for a long time, who said had come to sell himself instead of his sister.

For someone who said he had come to sell himself, he showed no fear, spirit of victory, or resignation.

“Are you here to sell yourself Do you know what that means”


“What can you do I mean things like pickpocketing, theft, violence, and assault.

What are you best at”

He asked, looking at Woo-hyun.

“… I will do whatever you tell me.”

Woo-hyun answered, and the members of the organization that filled the office giggled once again.

Since he said he would do anything he told him, it meant that he had never done anything before.

There were some guys like him.

Youngsters who wanted to do something about the problems that their parents caused.

They came to him, expecting a movie-like moment and thinking they could be something, and then went back to being idiots in an instant.

He deliberately turned the knife in his hand.

Then, in an instant, he pushed it towards Woo-hyun.

The tip of the knife stopped right in front of Woo-hyun’s stomach.

“This kind of thing too”


He saw Woo-hyun’s eyes waver slightly.

“This is the only vacancy right now.

A position where you get stabbed by a knife.”


“Do you want to do this”

He said it for fun.

He was interested in this kid, who would wander around part-time jobs in his work life, but that was it.

He thought if he scared him this much, he would back off on his own.

He turned his back to the frozen Woo-hyun.

“How much for one time”

He turned around, doubting his ears.

Seeing the faces of the members looking at Woo-hyun, he seemed to have heard correctly.

As he turned around, Woo-hyun was asking calmly as if he had made up his mind.

His pupils turned cold as he looked at his clear eyes.

“Are you going to do it”


How much for one time”

“It’s money you can’t pay back even if you’re stabbed in every corner of your organs, you **ing bastard.”

One of the members replied sarcastically.

They burst into laughter at his words, but everyone shut up as if their lips were pursed as he gave them a warning look.

He looked at Woo-hyun with curious eyes.

Strangely enough, there were some guys who gave him that feeling.

Guys who looked like they would do anything.

A feeling that they could be very useful.

He didn’t get this feeling often, and it was usually correct.

However, in front of the members, he couldn’t accept him based on a feeling.

“Very well.

Then, shall we make a bet”


“If you do it and show up in front of me today, I’ll clear you of all debts.

Instead, if you die, your debt will be doubled.”


Someone screamed.

It was a man whose canine teeth were made of gold.

“You want to bet, too”


Why are you making such a bet”

“Because it’s fun.”

His eyes curved.


“Are you going to make a fuss about small change”

Contrary to calling it small change, it was nearly 20 million won.

Of course, since the amount included the principal and a ridiculous interest, the amount actually borrowed was less than 8 million won.

Although there was no way that would happen, if he did lose the bet, he was going to fill the gap with his own money so that there would be no accounting problems, but it was strange that he was making such a ridiculous bet.

“I’ll do it.

In return, please keep your promise.

I want to receive proof of that promise.”

Everyone who was listening to Woo-hyun’s reply, which he gave in fear that he would change his mind, started laughing as if they were surprised, and he also grinned.


Very well.

I’ll write you a memorandum.

In return, come back alive.

If you do, let’s pretend you didn’t have any debt.

However, if you die, the remaining debt minus the price of your life will go to your sister.

Of course, it will be doubled.

Try your best to survive and come find me.

With a knife stuck in your stomach.”

“Where can I find you”

“Come here, here.

I’ll be waiting here today.

The rest of you, don’t interfere.

Don’t kill him, don’t touch him, and don’t try to save him.”

He had an appointment at the office that night so he waited, but expected that he would not be able to return.

In general, for guys who go to get stabbed without preparation, he hasn’t seen any of them come back alive.

Even if they were lucky and survived, they were in a hurry to run away.

The difference between being prepared to die and being really close to dying was enormous.

And yet, he waited for Woo-hyun.

And to hear the report, just in case.


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