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In an instant, she lost all strength in her body.

Her index finger trembled as if it were having a spasm.

Her mind was blank, but her body did not stand still for a moment, as if it were already foreseeing the anxiety that would come upon her.

Were they going to sell her to the red-light district, or were they going to sell her organs If not… What were they going to do She thought her life was as terrible as a third-rate drama.

It was surprising that it could become even more terrible.

“It’s a mess.”

Yoo-hwa turned her head at the low, soft voice she suddenly heard.

Woo-hyun, who had entered through the gate and was standing in a corner, stared at the objects that had been thrown into the yard.

For the first time, she saw Woo-hyun’s face crumple.

Yoo-hwa felt both ashamed that he was seeing her in that figure and relieved that he hadn’t seen the gangsters rushing in.

“What’s the matter”

Woo-hyun asked.

“… Something happened.”

“I can see that.

I’m asking what’s going on.”

Woo-hyun crossed the yard and asked, standing in front of Yoo-hwa.

As Woo-hyun came closer, Yoo-hwa’s head leaned more backwards.

She thought it was a cloudy day, but she was blinded, perhaps because of the faint sunlight.

Yoo-hwa frowned, then turned her gaze to the floor.

Although she tried to make it sound better, she couldn’t hide the messiness.

Eventually, she put everything down and opened her mouth.

“I have some debt.”


“They told me to pay it back.”

Although it was the first time she had become aware of that debt.

She couldn’t explain everything, so Yoo-hwa just answered like that.

“Get up.”

“I need to clean this first.”

Yoo-hwa reached out her hands again and picked up the items one by one.

The objects fell from her powerless hands.

She repeated her meaningless act of picking them up and dropping them, and then picking them up again.

She heard Woo-hyun moving away from her.

Yoo-hwa could not turn her head towards him and only watched silently as his feet disappeared from her sight.

As soon as Woo-hyun entered the house, Yoo-hwa let out the sigh she had been holding back.

Her brown eyes scanned the floor without hesitation.

She hated seeing herself like this, but how much would she hate seeing Woo-hyun

While she was smiling in vain, Woo-hyun came out again and put the trash in a garbage bag.

“I’ll clean it up.”

Yoo-hwa, who was staring blankly at Woo-hyun, belatedly came to her senses and spoke.

Unlike her words, her body staggered, and she fell to the floor unsightly.

Woo-hyun picked up the broken items that were on the floor without a word.

He bundled together the items that were intact and put them inside Yoo-hwa’s house.

In an instant, the yard was cleared.

“I see you finished everything.”


Yoo-hwa stared blankly at Woo-hyun, as if asking what he was talking about.

The approaching Woo-hyun crouched down to meet Yoo-hwa’s eye level.

The black eyes that contained the cloudy sky faced her.

“Now, shall we hear it The detailed story of your debt.”

As it wasn’t something she was hiding just because she wanted to, Yoo-hwa briefly explained it to Woo-hyun, who was sitting opposite her in her house.

She told him that the gangsters came because her brother had some debts in her name.

While explaining, she couldn’t figure out why she was saying this, but she wanted to say it.

The fact that it wasn’t her fault what just happened.

Like most of the misfortunes in her life.

She really wanted to say that.

Woo-hyun was neither shocked nor surprised.

He just frowned while looking a little embarrassed, then turned his gaze and looked lost in thought.

“Can’t you contact your brother”

After a while, Woo-hyun turned his head and spoke in a low voice.

Although his voice was pitchless like usual, Yoo-hwa thought he was angry.

“I can’t reach him.

He’s the one who contacts me… He’s always changing numbers.”

“… Where is he”

“I don’t know that either.

He contacted me one-sidedly.”

“… Is that so”

Woo-hyun’s voice lowered noticeably.

Yoo-hwa only replied with a ‘Yeah’.

Her gaze wandered through the floor.

Her mind was complicated.

Should she run away To where Should she report it to the police What if she gets caught

Tens of thousands of thoughts floated without a sense of reality.

She was well aware that none of them was viable.

She had tried really hard to run away from this life before.

She prayed, ran away, tried to change her name, and did everything she could.

Although she struggled like that, she just sank further and further down like she was in a swamp.

In the end, she learned that she had to stay still to keep this crappy life.

Because no one grabbed her hand while she was sinking.

“What are you going to do”

Yoo-hwa smiled faintly at Woo-hyun’s question.

“What should I do”


“What can I do”

What would it be like to force an answer to this question that has no answer It would just be a wrong answer, so he thought it would be better not to say anything.

Woo-hyun didn’t tell her to report it, nor to run away.

She seemed to know early on that life would not change.


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