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“The Chairman said he would see you tomorrow.”

Sitting in the passenger seat, Jun-kyung reported to Woo-hyun, whom he was meeting after a long time.

He was on his way home, so he wouldn’t have time to report it himself if he didn’t do it now.

While in the multi-unit house, Woo-hyun did not answer the phone unless it was an urgent matter, and instructed him mostly through text messages.

He wondered how Woo-hyun would work while confined in that secluded place, but he gave him detailed instructions as if he were a person who had a CCTV there.

“And tea and snacks are scheduled for 11 a.m.

the day after tomorrow, in Cheongdam-dong.”

Cheongdam-dong was an expression that revolved around the successful Chairman Kim, who started a private loan business at the end of the IMF.

Because it was a place that was difficult to arrange, he had to win his favor in a short time.

The chairman was a greedy man.

He didn’t want to just scrape money from the shadows, he wanted to go out to a sunny place and conduct a decent business.

In the end, there was even a joke that he was coveting a position as a member of the National Assembly, but to Jun-kyung, that wasn’t completely wrong.

Looking at his moves, he did not have the nuance of simply wanting to position himself as the head of a decent company.

His greediness beyond that was sufficiently revealed.

While establishing his position in that sunny place, the chairman specially selected a number of talented individuals with outstanding abilities.

Woo-hyun was also included.

Woo-hyun was good at many things, but he was the best at negotiations.

He had a special talent for reading the other person’s mind, and winning over the other person’s heart if necessary.

Jun-kyung speculated that his talent would be attributed to the hundreds of masks he had.

Like an actor, Woo-hyun changed his expressions, voice, actions, and even handled his gaze according to the place and person.

He naturally permeated into the other person, found what he needed like a demon, and reached an agreement.

Because of this, he assumed that Woo-hyun would be the one in charge in the meeting in Cheongdam-dong.


As there was no response from Woo-hyun even after his reporting was over, Jun-kyung’s gaze carefully turned to the rear-view mirror.

Woo-hyun was looking out the window, where the drizzling rain was falling.

Woo-hyun’s profile, submerged in deep thought, was expressionless.

As Jun-kyung was troubled, thinking about whether he should call him again,

“Say it.”

Finally, an answer came from Woo-hyun.

Jun-kyung sighed in a way he would not notice.

It was now time for the full report.

“It seems that the Executive Director noticed that you are absent.

Like I said before, he came without saying anything and just left when he found out you were not here.

If he tells me to report on your whereabouts…”

“Keep making excuses.”

“… I don’t know how long I can last because he’s so quick-witted.”

There was no way the executive director would accept him being away for such a long time due to personal reasons.

After all, he was a person that didn’t like the fact that Woo-hyun had won over the chairman’s heart.

It didn’t matter if he was just trying to pick up a fight about this.

It would be troublesome if he took advantage of Woo-hyun being alone and used dirty tricks.

Of course, it was unlikely as he was a person who was very self-conscious of the chairman, but there is no way of knowing people’s affairs.

Every once in a while, the executive director’s eyes became like those of a crazy person.

Despite Jun-kyung’s concerns, there was no response from Woo-hyun.

It meant that he should keep making excuses, like he had said.

Jun-kyung sighed as he tried to come forward again.

This was all because of Kim Yi-woon.

Jun-kyung’s gaze turned fierce for a moment as he thought he wanted to catch that bastard Kim Yi-woon and rip off his limbs.

He was angry at himself for not being able to catch him.

“What about the letter”

He had handed Jun-kyung the letter that came addressed to him not long ago.

He even told him to check where it came from and if Kim Yi-woon was around there.

“I checked.

It was supposed to have been sent from the Busan Post Office, but when I looked into it, I found out a credit delinquent had been paid to do it.

I apologize.

I wanted to tell you first, but I was late because I had many other things to report on.”

Woo-hyun didn’t give much of a reaction; he expected him to be smart enough since he had worked at a private detective agency for a long time.

Once again, Woo-hyun’s gaze turned out of the window.

“… Hyung-nim.”

Jun-kyung, who had barely calmed down, called Woo-hyun.

He was going to ask him once again to stop and come back as he would take care of Kim Yi-woon himself.

Of course, accomplishing his suggestion  would be like hammering your nails with a rock since Woo-hyun rarely goes back on what he has decided, but even so, he couldn’t just stand still.

Jun-kyung regarded Woo-hyun as more than a brother, so he was uncomfortable in many ways with him spending time with a ridiculous woman in a shabby house.

He was going to drag Woo-hyun out of that house somehow.

Even if he himself had to stay in that house for a while.


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